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Pittsburgh INFORMS Chapter Inaugural Meeting

Date: Feb 6, 5PM | Venue: Carnegie Coffee Company

PhD Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion

Date: Feb 5, 6PM | Venue: 4242 Tepper Quad | Dinner will be provided!

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Initiating our exciting set of events for this spring semester, we are excited to host PhD Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion! We will be hosting three panelists: Navid Kazem, Markus Drouven and Andrew Hudson, all current entrepreneurs and CMU PhD alumni! Learn more about their exciting ventures and partake in the discussion to learn more about how they achieved success and how you can follow in their footsteps. If you want to learn more about how PhD students from our community have achieved success in the entrepreneurship field, you won’t want to miss this!

Navid Kazem co-founded Arieca after him completing his PhD in computational mechanics at Carnegie Mellon, where he developed the core technology behind Thubber. He is a former Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship Fellow with multiple high-impact publication and a pending patent on Thubber. His background combines a deep technical expertise with the capacity to convert cutting-edge scientific advancement into commercially successful technology. Navid leads Product development of Thubber, commercial strategic partnerships, as well as fund raising.

Prior to founding Exenity, Markus was the Optimization Engineering Team Lead at EQT, the largest natural gas producer in the US. At EQT, Markus was responsible for establishing and leading a newly formed optimization team focused on using advanced analytics to support better and faster decision-making across the company. A description of the group’s activities can be found here.​ Markus earned his doctorate in Process Systems Engineering (a combination of Chemical Engineering and Mathematical Optimization) at Carnegie Mellon University as a member of Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann’s research group. His dissertation was titled “Optimization Models for Shale Gas Development”.

Andrew is a co-founder of FluidForm and leads the development, manufacturing and scale-up efforts of LifeSupport™. His research focuses on developing the next generation of techniques for vascularizing 3D-bioprinted tissues to improve the clinical translational potential of tissue engineered therapies.